Saturday, May 2, 2020

Zen - 30.04.2020

You - 29.04.2020

Xenophobia - 28.04.2020

V for Victory. 27.04.2020

Ugly. 25.04.2020

U for Ugly
Would you want to meet me there? I am relatively old and ugly. I have nothing to offer but my knowledge to share. Can you trust me ? I will come and leave as a breeze. I know the encounter will be short and life-altering. I am asking a few minutes of your life. And I ask nothing in return. In other words, you are free to fly. I just want to take the poison and anger out of your life; to forgive your parents, your friends, and the lover who abandoned you when you needed him the most.

The Last Tea Stall. 24.04.2020

Syria. 23.04.2020

The blast ripped the square apart
Its rippled through the state
It washed over the country of death
And my world was torn apart
I sat bruised and batter
Two children in my lap
Eight and ten, my sons
Killed by shrapnels 
Of an Unkown enemy
Why does not the world cringe
Why I sit with no tears, defeated
The deafening sound and the earth
Heaves spitting at heaven
Taking me up along with it
And my whole life gets buried
Under yet another pile of debris.